... in the live of a business owner or give this gift to yourself....

What can the person receiving the session expect?

Whomever you gift this voucher can be assured of high quality coaching on their biggest challenge. The session is 1,5 hours and the coachee will walk away with proven tools to get instant results in their business and/or personal lives.

What impression will it leave when I give someone a coaching session?

Many times, people think that there has to be something wrong with someone in order for them to have coaching. The business owners I work with are mostly successful business owners. They don’t need help nor a coach. They just realize that with coaching they can reach their goals quicker and with more efficiency.

Will you sell TO the person that I give this gift? Why do you do this for free? What is the catch?

I get this question often and the truth is… there is NO catch, for it is very simple. Three things can happen after a session.

  • The first is that it is simply not a match. This rarely happens, but… it is an option. As soon as I notice this I will acknowledge it and discuss this so that we are free to continue our ways.
  • The second option is what happens the most. That the coaching session is so valuable that the person says: “Wow… thank you so much.” I have so many tools that I can implement right away. I will work with them and see how far I get with these new tools. I get weekly emails or whatsapp messages of people thanking me for the conversation that we had a year or even longer ago. They give me concrete examples of how it has helped them and throughout the years I have gotten quite some referrals from them.
  •  The third option is when the person receiving the coaching wants to know how it would look to work with me, I will, depending on the situation, communicate this. 

The person will not be sold for, coaching is only successful when the motivation for participation is 100% intrinsic. So, no hard selling nor dragging people along.

What is the next step after the voucher?

  • Give the Voucher: You fill in the basic contact information of the person you want to gift the voucher to.
  • A 15-minute call will be scheduled to check if the person is excited about the gift and to plan the 1 ½ hour session.
  • You will receive a thank-you email thanking you for making this happen.  

What does it cost? What is the price or compensation?

The session is free. The person will only be asked to choose one of these 2 ways to return the favour.

  • Pass the voucher on to three business owners, or...
  • Give a 15 second video testimonial. If the person chooses this option, this will be done right after the session and will be facilitated by the Results X Factor Team.

WHOM DO YOU WORK WITH? What is your speciality / area of focus?

I work with highly committed business owners that have a strong intrinsic motivation to have a business and live a life of meaning, velocity and power. I help them to gain clarity on what is needed to reach their goals, get rid of any blockades that are blocking their growth and I help them to take massive and smart actions in a small amount of time so they get from where they are to where they want to be in the shortest time possible.

I also work with healthcare professionals with private practices. You can find more info on I help these medical professionals sharpen their entrepreneurial and commercial skills so they can create more freedom, profit, time and quality in their practices.

Is there any selection process?

Yes. Requirements are:

  • Gift is only for business owners.
  • Intrinsic motivation and willingness to grow. This will be tested in the 15 min call, prior to the coaching session. Depending on the outcome will be decided if it is worth and beneficial to schedule the coaching session.


What type of coaching can be expected?

Results Coaching is in its core not meant for the coachee to "feel good". It is all about results and doing whatever necessary to get those results. The coaching methodology is based on and inspired by Straight Line Coaching as well as a combination of several holistic modalities to complement and work with the conscious as well as the subconscious mind. All is for the purpose of growth.

What if I do not know what issues the person is facing? 

No problem. You do not need to know this upfront. This will get clear in the session.

Can I use this voucher for myself?

As long as you are a business owner or you strive to become one within 3 months, you can.